Jan 30, 2013

I am I kidding myself.. or is Spring right around the corner


Ok so this picture has nothing to do with anything heli related, but dammit its funny.   So i am feeling a burn,  its not a I want to pack up and go home burn, its a I am so tired of winter burn.   You might have noticed, and i talked about it a bit on episode 70,  I took a little step back for a few days and it felt really good,  I have been working on RCHN for over 3 years in some form or another.   the past year and half has really been the most focused I have been doing what we do here.  Combine that with not being able to fly much in the winter, and basically being unable to do much because of my condition.  It makes it hard to keep focus.

So i have been teasing myself with the idea that spring is right around the corner.  The weather does not help,  its a huge tease warm and sunny one day and snowing and cold the next.  I just wanted to give those of you who have been sending me emails asking if everything is ok.  Yes it is, in fact things are going great!  RCHN is growing at very rapid rate and they guys and I are really falling into a good groove.   I am not going anywhere,  I just really want to fly..