Dec 12, 2012

I’m a child and I’m ok with it!

Ok so I can completely admit that lately I’m feeling childish and want a new toy 🙂 I’ve got the bug to buy a new heli but definitely don’t need one.  How I know this is because I have a list of 3 or 4 helis I’d love to have there’s no way I could actually pick and commit to buying one.  You know, it’s like watching a 4yo stand there in the toy isle and try and pick a toy.  He’ll be there for hours and want everything but can’t decide on just one thing.  That’s me!

Things have been pretty busy lately.  Lots of cool stuff in the works for the future.  I wish I could tell you guys everything but you’ll just have to wait and see.  We’re definitely not slowing down that’s for sure. It seems like every time we get something finished and think we’re going to have some down time one of us ends up coming up with some awesome idea and it starts all over again.  Oh well, I guess that’s part of the fun.

I tore my basement/hobby room apart last weekend.  Got everything in the back half shifted over to one side and re-set up.  This is all in prep for a new sound room I’ll be starting to build shortly.  I’ve needed an actual “office” for quite awhile so I figured I’d just build a room over in the corner of the basement and sound proof it.  The added bonus is that it will help audio quality even more.  It’s not going to be a super quick project but should be awesome when it’s done.  

I’m considering taking my fusion and making it a 12s 550 Fusion.  Same motor and ESC.  Put the shorter boom on it with 550mm main blades.  Probably try a pair of 6s 2200’s for packs.  I’ve been wanting a 550 size heli (an X5 to be honest) but this just might scratch that itch for wanting something new. At least then I can try a 550 heli and be able to swap back quickly if I didn’t like it.