Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and stick time baby!


First off I’d better say Merry Christmas to everyone! I’m a couple minutes away from it technically being Christmas so that’s close enough.  This has been such an awesome year and I’m even more pumped for what the coming year has to offer.

Managed to get out both yesterday and today for some good stick time.  Burned a little over a gallon in the 700n, about 6 flights on the Fusion 550, and half a dozen on the 700e.  I would have gotten more but today got shut down a little short due to rain out.  The 700n with the ported exhaust header and 8.0 ratio is an animal!  Tons of power at 1950rpm and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it will hold 2050rpm no prob.  You do have to be slightly more conscious of the sticks but just barely.  It’s definitely a whole different animal at 2050rpm.  Really gets up and moves.  I’m sure I’ll do most of my flying at 1950 but it is cool to know it can handle it.  The motor sounds a lot different now.  With the head at 1950 it just sounds like it’s trucking along no big deal.  Not wound out at all yet it never flinches in tone.  Also tried some Rail 696’s on it. Wow!  Really digging these blades.  I want to get ahold of some Edge 690 SE’s, Radix V2 690’s, and 695 V-Blades to fly on my machines but I think so far I’m leaning towards the Rail 696’s being my favorite blade.

The Fusion 550 is a blast to fly.  I was originally going to leave it 12s and just drop down to 2600mah packs but after being asked by CC to do some testing on a prototype ESC they’ll be coming out with ended up flying it as a 6s setup with a HKII 4025-1100kv motor.  The ESC is working fantastic and while it’s definitely no 12s setup it’s got plenty of power to do what I’d like.  It’s a great little heli to fly and I can easily see flying this heli a LOT.

Got to see first hand Jessie drive his 7HV in. It was super overcast and a really hard lighting day to fly in.  Neither of us usually fly with canopies but even after my first flight I decided to fly with one for the day.  Unfortunately he found out the hard way and lost orientation.  I always hate to see a friend crash but he’s a good sport about it and was right back on the horse with his N5c and Warp minutes later.

Plan on hitting the field this coming weekend too.  Hopefully Santa brings me some goodies to play with 🙂