Nov 4, 2012


As i write this post. the page is not live. I get a text from Nick he is asking both me and Justin if we should set a release date of next Sunday the 11th of November. Yep, i knew it would have to happen eventually, but we have set the date.

So let me tell you guys about the building of this page.

First of all as most of you have come to expect we here at the Nation really take pride in what we do.. we don’t want to be second best, and that means putting in a TON of time and getting things right.

Working with Nick and Justin really can be trying.. let me explain:  when you know your own personal weakness and you go out and try to do what we have done here.. you need people that fill those gaps in your own personal profile. In some cases you need the EXACT opposite of yourself to really make something great.

That is what I have in Nick and Justin, it can be frustrating, you can sometimes feel like your never gonna get it done.. but when you start to see the finished project. You sit back with a smile and say wow.. look what we have done here..  and that is exactly how i feel about this web page..

We probably will never be done tweaking it.. but the site as it sits now.. REALLY looks great..

So to Nick and Justin, thanks for all the long hours and putting up with the crazy ass long text trying to get ideas across.. it took some doing.. but we got it!!

To our listeners.. I hope you enjoy the site.. I also hope it becomes a place for you to hang out!

– Dan