Nov 27, 2012

Roads? Where were going, we dont need roads!

So Episode 61,  I still am amazed the RCHN is still here.  Sometimes I just get so involved in the show, I forget to step back and look at what we have accomplished here,  Its taken a while, we have had a few bumps along the way.  A couple version of the show, a bunch of people have come and gone.  At times I really miss them all.  As strange as this might sound, I really miss sitting on skype with Asid and the rest of they guys from the UK, while we wrenched or flew on phoenix.  I most definitely miss Robs crazy impression, Jakes Nerdness, Callum and his unique, very “British” view on things.  Its been a fun ride.

Enough of that, this isnt a remember the old days post,  this is an OMG the future is gonna be great post.  I think Nick, Justin, Jessie and myself have really settled into a good grove, we are comfortable poking fun at each other,  OK… OK i am comfortable poking them with sharp sticks.  To be honest I’d like to see them poke at me more, its only fair right? 

I was once told after the demise of the first show, “Dan, it was a good run, but you can only capture magic like that once, you get once chance and you guys Fucked it up!”  I never forgot that, and I think about that… often. 

I think we did recapture that magic, we recaptured it, rebranded it, gave it a new and improved sound and made that magic our bitch.