Nov 18, 2012

SK540 Governor with CC ESC

I’m not going to promise that this will work but it’s worked on mine and one other persons heli that we tried it on so it’s worth a shot. This is for using a CC ESC in the SK’s gov mode. I’ll start off by saying that if you put the CC in MulitRotor mode you can utilize the SK bailout. It works very well. The downfall is that you will get a kick on startup. The SK will take over immediately after the kick and go into it’s own soft start (low ramp). If you don’t want the kick on start you can put the CC ESC into Ext. Gov mode and utilize the CC soft start. It works very well BUT then you can not use the SK bailout. As of now there is a glitch in the electric governor menu that affects the stored SK endpoints so you can not enable the CC bailout. This will be fixed in the next update now that we’ve isolated the problem. The problem is not in setting the endpoints but actually happens the second you click in to Electric gov menu in the SK. Setting endpoints in there is futile and will not work due to this glitch. Clicking back out of the Electric Gov menu returns them to functioning order. So anyway, give this a shot and see if it works for you.

Plug in SK to comp
SK in gov OFF mode
CC in Multirotor mode (or Ext Gov mode depending on desired result as described above)
Endpoints in radio on throttle channel MAXED out
Throttle at max and set High Throttle
Throttle at low and set Idle Throttle
Unplug SK

Throttle endpoints at 70 or so
Set High and Low endpoints as per normal CC procedure

Plug in SK
Throttle at Max and set High Throttle again
Throttle at low and set Idle Throttle again
NOW click into the Electric Gov menu in the SK
Low Ramp and High Ramp at 80
Reset throttle curves as per SK recommendation for Electric Gov mode


Because of the glitch if you try and check the high endpoint setting by initializing the CC and getting the High Stick beep like you normally would it’s not going to work. It will initialize like normal though. I have, however, verified by logging that the SK is actually capable of putting out 100% of it’s available throttle signal and that the CC is outputting 100% power when needed so this really doesn’t cause a problem. Skookum is going to try and work on dealing with the kick on startup in the next update and I’ll continue to test other ESC’s and incorporate them into the update as well. The cool part is that if you can handle the kick on startup the performance of the Gov and bailout is awesome – Nick