Oct 14, 2014

VBar Gov w/ CC ESC Autorotation Bailout – No Idle

Setting up the CC ESC’s in conjunction with the VBar governor is pretty straight forward unless you want to enable the autorotation feature WIHOUT idling the motor. Here’s a step-by-step procedure for getting the autorotation bailout setup with no idle.

*NOTE* For some reason this combination of settings/hardware will not appear to function when bench testing. This had me stumped for quite sometime. If it doesn’t appear to be working still proceed with the test flight. It will work!

(Please do all of this with blades off or motor pinion backed off)

1. Go into the Transmitter setup menu in VBar and make sure you have your radio endpoints calibrated to match the VBar.
2. Throttle Hold Percentage to 40%
3. Use your Castle Link and setup the CC ESC to be in Ext. Gov mode with the Autorotation feature enabled. Set the Headspeed Change Rate to 20. Leave the soft start at the factory setting.
3. Complete the first page of the Governor setup menu in the VBar as normal.
4. On the Gov II page of the VBar setup enter gearing information and Sensor configuration as normal.
5. Check both the Autorotation box and the Idle during bailout
6. With a regular linear throttle and pitch curve in the TX click the Throttle Servo Adjustment checkbox in the VBar.
7. Slide both the Throttle Off and Max Throttle sliders to -60 and 60.
8. With the TX at high throttle power the ESC.
9. Wait for the cell count beeps then slowly increase the Max throttle slider until the CC beeps.
10. Unplug the ESC power and go to Low Throttle on the TX.
11. Power the ESC back up and wait for the cell count beeps.
12. Lower the Throttle Off slider until the ESC arms.
13. Unplug the ESC and check the Throttle Servo Adjustment to OFF.
14. Check the finished box in the VBar.


Despite what you might think, checking the Idle During Bailout check box is what makes this work. Otherwise the ESC will drop back to 0% throttle and go back into soft start. I’m still not quite sure why it won’t work on the bench like every other ESC and setup but none the less it does work in flight. If you experience a too-slow or too-fast soft start mess with the Run Up Speed Limit in the expert Gov menu on the main VBar screen.

– Nick