Dec 12, 2012

Skoal.. Goodbye my friend ><

Some of you might already know this,  but I really, really like smokeless tobacco.  Since I was in my early teens I have been using some variation of chewing tobacco, Skoal mostly.  I have tried to stop more times than I have tried to force myself to enjoy the sim!!!  Yeah, a LOT.   So this week, starting on last Monday I ran out, and just figured, what the hell, just don’t go by anymore…  easy enough, right?  So here we are on day three,  and things are going good.   I think we in the hobby are prone to addictive tendencies.  Its kind of an all or nothing mentality.   Here is the catch, I dont know if I really want to stop chewing, at this moment in time it just kinda feels right.  I have been here before.  I have gone several years without using smokeless tobacco.  Its strange one day, after a long time without it, I’ll be driving around and it will just pop into my head, DUDE you MUST stop at the next gas station and get one of those sweet little, heaven in a container, better than sex, but not as good as a new heli, cans of skoal!!!.    In fact.. hang on.. I’ll be right back><  KIDDING.. only kidding!   So well see how it goes..  I am sure you guys will hear me bitch about it on the show.  Dammit I just realized going public about this makes it a little harder to start up again..