Dec 26, 2012

Things that make you go, Hmmm !?!


Its the day after Christmas…  and I am happily surfing the net.. decided to check our facebook page and I see this.   Its makes me giggle a bit.  I have often wondered why people feel the need to do this kind of stuff.

Its no secret that our sense of humor here at the Nation is leaning towards the adult side of things.. Mainly because we are all adults.. and who are we kidding..   “this is just not appropriate.. kids read this stuff…” really are you telling me that in the course of a day they don’t see things far worse than this?  We do purposely  push the envelope,  we like to have fun and to be honest I don’t think I have ever been to the field and had a conversation where that word has not come up..

Sick.. not even funny or cute.. .grow up??  OK I would suggest that you just choose to not tune in… pretty simple really.  Your not going to make us change the way we do things around here.  I wont speak for the other guys .. but I will say that these kinds of statements just make me want to turn things up a notch.  I LOVE pushing buttons of humorless people.  Don’t worry though guys I wont take it to far… OK .. well I might.

Lots of people enjoy our show the way it is.  We represent ourselves just as we are.  If you meet any of us at funflys you’d see that the way we talk.. the things we make fun of and the way we act is just the way you hear it on the show.. That is never going to change, ever.  There are other shows out there that you might find more family friendly..

keep it real, that is a waaay over used phrase, but in our case it does apply.  I hope you like it.. but if you do not, as sorry as I am to hear that, there is nothing that can be done about it.

I don’t want to go to far off track here.  but sometimes you just gotta wonder why???