Nov 12, 2012

Winter Sucks!!!

Yup winter Sucks.  but we all knew that, right??

Episode 59 was a LONG one wasn’t it?  I really enjoyed having David Ketelhut on with us this week.  I think he really was a good sport.  I think guys like Dave are not used to having people they do not know kinda of rib them like I did.. Sure they are used to it when they are hanging out with their friends both locally and all over the country.  But when you put a mic in front of someone it starts to take on an aura of seriousness.  We all know, we dont really do serious here at RCHN.  That’s not to say we can’t be serious, I mean did you get a listen to Justins dissertation?  wow..  very detailed……………. zzzzzz.     Dude i am kidding ya, you know that. 

This week we started posting  the show on arcHELI, an Australian forum,  I am very pleased that Will, the owner of arcHELI has allowed us to share a little piece of his forum, our listener base down under has grown dramatically in the past few months and i look forward to keeping in touch with all of you crazy heli people in Oz.   Remember if there is something or someone you would like to see on the show.. let us know.. you can email us or just leave a message down at the bottom of the page