Feb 9, 2016

Throttle calibration with the V-Control and HW 160A ESC

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to calibrate the throttle endpoints when using the HobbyWing 160A (or any HW ESC honestly) with the V-Control.  I should also note that if you want to use the autorotation bailout feature in the HW governor you need to set your Throttle Hold percentage to 30%. – Nick

May 4, 2015

Mini VBar Power Bus

So we’ve all heard the rumors and speculations. Some people report problems, and others report it working fine but at the end of the day the question still stands, “Is a Mini VBar safe on a big heli?”. With a couple small workarounds I believe it can be done safely, but if not done then… more »

Jan 22, 2013

DX7 Trainer Switch Mod

So, for all of you that are flying with a DX7, you know how big of a pain it is to use the stock trainer switch. You have to carefully guide your finger to an inconveniently-placed rocker switch to activate the trainer mode. For me this just wasn’t working, so I decided to install my… more »

Nov 11, 2012

DX7 Nitro Gov with 3 head speeds and throttle cut

This is how I setup all my nitros with the Align Gov or AR7100r using the DX7 radio. This will also include programming for a Throttle Cut as well. Now keep in mind some of the exact values will differ depending what heli you’re putting it on, gear ratio, etc. but the general principals are… more »