Apr 7, 2013

When do Dampers go bad?

Dampers are one of those things that if you’re not crashing a lot and don’t take your spindle shaft out to replace it that can be very easy to overlook. The dampers in the picture above have well over 200 flights on them and should have been replaced a long time ago.  You can actually… more »

Jan 22, 2013

DX7 Trainer Switch Mod

So, for all of you that are flying with a DX7, you know how big of a pain it is to use the stock trainer switch. You have to carefully guide your finger to an inconveniently-placed rocker switch to activate the trainer mode. For me this just wasn’t working, so I decided to install my… more »

Jan 20, 2013

Gearing Explained

A listener recently asked for a tech tip explaining gear mod, so I figured instead of just doing one topic, I’d hit all-things gearing! Enjoy, guys! So, what do gears do for us in our helis? A gear is a mechanical device that allows shaft power from one device – in our case, a motor… more »

Jan 10, 2013

Link replacement made easy

This is an awesome trick that friend Leon Luke has shared with us. I don’t know about you guys but for me the worst part with replacing links is having to go back through and re-check your setup again.  Well this trick virtually eliminates that. Using the Century Heli control rod setup gauge you can… more »

Trex 700n DFC elevator arm centering

Here’s another cool little trick from friend Leon Luke for a 700n DFC.  You can center the elevator A-arm perfectly by rotating it upward and resting it on the upper bearing block.  The inside of the “A” will rest on the outside of the upper block and automatically shift the arm into a centered position…. more »

Save those tail gears!

Here’s a great little trick that our friend Leon Luke and myself happen to use on our Trex helis.  Despite what all the naming conventions happen to be there’s basically two heights of the more modern Trex 600 EFL Pro and Trex 700 series skids.  What you can do is install a standard Trex 700N… more »

Jan 9, 2013

Trex fuel tank install

Our friend Leon Luke has got a great little trick for installing the fuel tank in Trex nitro helis.  Simply take a thin stainless ruler and lay in on top of the fuel tank and slide it under the fuel tank grommet.  When inserting the tank into the frame the ruler will help push the… more »

Dec 22, 2012

Skookum SK540/720 Tuning Guide by Alvin Chai

Fellow Team Skookum Pilot, Alvin Chai was gracious enough to allow us to post his tuning guide here in our Tech Tip section. This is a fantastic guide that I personally find to be very accurate. I will make some comments you’ll see in blue writing with just some of my personal preferences and findings… more »

SK-LCD Field Terminal Connector Mod

Anyone who has used the SK-LCD Field Terminal knows that it’s a very powerful little programmer and has now replaced my laptop a the field. One thing I found that I didn’t care for though was the connector. The connector is a very tight fit into the SK-540 and there’s simply nothing to grab to… more »

Nov 29, 2012

Changing Bearings In a Nitro Motor

Ever wonder if there was an easy way to replace those bearings in your nitro motor? Well let me teach you a few tips and tricks that have served me well. All of these tips will refer to my OS55 since this is the motor I have the most experience with. Before you start dissembling… more »