Dec 25, 2013

Christmas, a good day to fly!

  Most of you know, its been a while since I have been able to actually get out and fly.. well today is Christmas, the weather was perfect, for a winter day.  I decided I needed to get out and at least try to get some flights in.  A lot of people have been asking… more »

Sep 11, 2013

What a strange week!

What a strange weeks its been,  accidents seems to be happening more and more.  Sad time in the hobby for sure,  like all troublesome things that we go through, its just a fact that life goes on.  We really do not have much choice in that.   I have noticed a few things lately, specifically some… more »

Aug 20, 2013

Its a good kinda tired!

Back from Snohomish, and man it was a quick weekend with a LOT of driving!  1120 miles in all.  I feel very tired, a little sore… but mostly, I feel good!! This funfly was a bit different for me, I am used to being there a few days early and settling in, not this time. … more »

May 21, 2013

Crack that Whip!

You might have guessed from Episode 86 we had a really good time at Othello!  It was an awesome event, and i look forward to it every year. On the other hand, it just make me even more excited about our own funfly in Deer Park WA this coming June.  Man did it approach fast! … more »

May 11, 2013

R.I.P. Fatty

Sad to say the youngest of my 4 cats was killed by two dogs yesterday.  I came home the front door was pushed open.  and two dogs, were staring at me.  They seemed friendly so i didnt think much of it.   Walked them out the door and went about my day.   I have… more »

Mar 3, 2013

Spring.. I can taste it

Well March is upon us..  This past weekend we saw the best day of the year.. pushing 62 degrees and although it wasn’t exactly sunny,  we had those high thin clouds that let the warm sun through and it was just a spectacular day. a few gallons of nitro and some of the best flying… more »

Feb 24, 2013

June, is gonna be AWESOME!!

Its Sunday afternoon Nick and Jessie are headed home.  I am hanging out at Deaters place getting ready to edit Episode 74.  The only thing that would have made this weekend better is if Justin could have made it out as well.    We headed out to Deer Park, WA to take a look at… more »

Jan 30, 2013

I am I kidding myself.. or is Spring right around the corner

Ok so this picture has nothing to do with anything heli related, but dammit its funny.   So i am feeling a burn,  its not a I want to pack up and go home burn, its a I am so tired of winter burn.   You might have noticed, and i talked about it a bit on… more »

Jan 13, 2013

Cold Weather + Forum = Awesomeness

Wow.. I am slacking on getting this blog out… sorry guys. Well as usual, I have to bitch about the weather for a bit.. because dammit.. It just plan sucks. Anytime you have temperatures that are below zero, its time to rethink your living situations. I used to love the winter… NOT anymore. Enough about… more »

Dec 26, 2012

Things that make you go, Hmmm !?!

Its the day after Christmas…  and I am happily surfing the net.. decided to check our facebook page and I see this.   Its makes me giggle a bit.  I have often wondered why people feel the need to do this kind of stuff. Its no secret that our sense of humor here at the Nation… more »