Apr 2, 2014

Revolectrix Dual Powerlab

  Revolectrix Dual Powerlab Review by Nick Lenn A charger is a charger is a charger, right? I mean, in the end, it’s all just about what they look like and how many amps they put out, right? That’s the impression I was under for a long time, but boy did I recently get an… more »

Feb 17, 2014

The Great ESC Shoot-Out!

The Great ESC Shoot-Out! Written by: Justin Pucci Wow! This one has been a long time in the making, huh? So, why am I doing this? Well, the ESC market is still…developing. Yeah, we’ll say that… If you’ve ever looking into what ESC’s are available, you know that there aren’t many brands to choose from… more »

Oct 14, 2013

HeliBug PowerBug Alternator

HeliBug PowerBug Alternator Written by: Justin Pucci As always, I must first thank those who made this review possible! In this particular case, we have Ali Azhar from HeliBug and Carey Shurley from Gas Powered Thoughts. Ali gets props for obvious reasons…he’s the owner of HeliBug, designer of the PowerBug, and the one who thought… more »

Sep 30, 2013

Blade 700X Pro Series Combo Kit

  Blade 700X Pro Series Combo Kit Written by Nick Lenn   Well I can’t believe it but they’ve taken the plunge!  Yes, Blade helicopters has taken the leap from the micro and smaller helis and finally put out a 700 class heli.  They came out swinging with claims of not only a great design… more »

Sep 26, 2013

RC Bearings: Nitro Engine Bearing Sets

RC Bearings: Nitro Engine Bearing Sets   Written by Nick Lenn   There’s something to be said about a quality set of bearings.  RC Bearings was kind enough to send us a set of their engine bearing sets to put in a used OS55 engine that a good friend of mine bought.  But wait, bearings… more »

Apr 21, 2013

Random Heli Storage and Transport Skid Clamps

Storage and Transport Skid Clamps Written by Dan Reed Every now and again you happen across a product that is so amazingly simple and effective that you find yourself wondering “how is it I have never thought of this?” Opinions may differ on what FBL controller is the best or what servo is best, but there’s… more »

Feb 18, 2013

MKS HBL665/669 High-Voltage Servos

MKS HBL665/669 High-Voltage Servos Written by: Justin Pucci   First off, I want to give a big thanks to Thomas Cooke of MKS USA for giving me the opportunity to review these great servos. As you all know, the servo market is a tough little sector of our beloved hobby. There are a bunch different… more »

Dec 29, 2012

Helimax Axe 100 CP Review

Helimax Axe 100 CP Review Written by Dan Reed Micros…for some of us, it’s a love-hate relationship.  There is, however, no question that the recent influx of micro RC helicopters on the market has lead to an increase in new fliers to our hobby. Up until recently, we really did not have a wide variety… more »

Dec 28, 2012

iKON Review

  iKON Flybarless Controller Review Written by Jessie Salmonson   A huge thanks to iKON and Helidirect for giving me the opportunity to get my hands on the brand new iKON fllybarless unit. This unit just hit the market in October so it is very new, which makes it a mystery unit to most…not knowing… more »

Dec 24, 2012

Any Link Review

AnyLink  SLT Written by Dan Reed When it comes right down to it, if you choose to fly any other brand than Spektrum/JR, your micro heli options have been limited in the past. Well, I have some good news for you Futaba users out there… Now you can now use your favorite radio to fly… more »